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Learn about the health benefits of the wonderful carob plant

Benefits of Carob

Because carob is rich in insoluble fiber, it has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. Since it does not contain caffeine or theobromine, carob is non-irritating to the digestive tract and is a healthier choice for people who have gastrointestinal disorders.

Carob is also a beneficial alternative for people who suffer with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. In one study, the consumption of carob pulp lowered cholesterol in people with high cholesterol levels. Another study found that volunteers who consumed insoluble carob fiber had a lower total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels at the end of the study, but those in the placebo group (those who did not consume the fiber) did not see a cholesterol-lowering effect.

Many people who are allergic to chocolate or dairy products can enjoy Humphrey’s Carob Bar without risk of an allergic reaction. In a recent scientific study carob was shown to increase stamina in marathon athletes.

Note: The health benefits of carob are found in the natural carob pulp or plain carob powder—without added fat, salt, or sugar, substances that are not healthy when consumed in large quantities. While carob candy is a healthier alternative, please be conscious of portion sizes, read labels carefully, and consume these delightful treats in moderation.

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